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Jennette McCurdy Says Money, Not Nude Photos, Is Behind Sam & Cat Hiatus

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‘Sam & Cat’ Risks Cancellation After Star Jennette McCurdy’s Nearly Nude Photo Leaked

Jennette McCurdy took to Reddit to take on the controversies that have followed her since nearly naked Instagram selfies were leaked in March.

  • I might not be any wiser, but I like to think I'm more honest.

  • Dice often comes into Cat's apartment and shares the latest news with her and to sell items.

  • Ever cock desiring iCarly babes have such sexy body curves that it would be inexcusable not to tear gasps of delight from them! When McCurdy was 3 years old, her mother, Debbie, was diagnosed with , and underwent several surgeries, , and a.

Her was released in 2012, followed by her later that year.

  • On August 13, 2014, McCurdy launched the online show.

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